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  • South Florida State College
    BSEE Program Application

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    • Admission Requirements

      1. Students must complete the Dispositions Survey (Kuder Journey) and submit Kuder Interest and Skills composite report to the lead instructor of the Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education. The Kuder test may be taken at the SFSC Career Development Center in Building B, Room 111; to schedule your test please call 863-784-7411.
      2. Students must pass a background check to include fingerprinting and drug testing and submit the school board’s volunteer or employment application for interning in the schools. At SFSC, this is only required after you are conditionally accepted. Background checks are conducted by a local school board and must completed by Sept.1. The cost is approximately $100.
    • The SFSC Elementary Education program includes four semesters of internship that are completed in K-5 classrooms. There are two important items you must consider as you plan for your internship and program completion:

      1. Outside employment may not conflict or interfere with the required or necessary hours of attendance during your school-based field experience or your ability to meet the expectations of your internship. Working during the full-time portion of your internship is very difficult and likely to interfere with your ability to meet all requirements, including outside preparation and planning.
      2. Because the student teaching internship should be completed in a classroom for both semesters, it is most likely that you will be placed in a school within Highlands, Hardee, or DeSoto counties. Please be advised that you may not be able to complete your internship in a school or school district of your choice.
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